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What is Heartwood?

At Heartwood, we help businesses, teams, and people focus on what is most essential in workplace learning and development. Client goals are at the core of our approach.

Whether we're closing an employee training gap or providing opportunities for executive development, we are grounded in purpose

Who is Dave?

He earned a Bachelor of Arts at the College of William & Mary, Master of Business Administration at Western Carolina University, and Master of Science in Instructional Technology at East Carolina University. He has teaching experience at the corporate, collegiate, & secondary levels of instruction earning the Army's Civilian Instructor of the Year award in 2012.

Project experience includes employee onboarding, safety/health/wellness, workplace culture, leadership, coaching, mentoring, internal communications, change management, system implementation, performance support, instruction, functional training, and soft skills training. With a strong background in the public sector, Dave's sweet spot is working with clients and partners to identify opportunities for value, align support strategies, and measure results.

Dave has an associate certified coach credential from the International Coaching Federation and is a federal internal coach with the Department of the Interior's coaching network. He has certifications in Change Management, Change Leadership, Organization Development, Corporate Communications, & Virtual Training & Facilitation. He is also currently pursuing Certified Return on Investment (ROI) Professional status.

Organization Development Certificate